1-on-1 Personal Training

In Person or Virtual, 1-on-1 Training is the fastest way to level up your technique and hit your goals!

Getting Started

1-on-1 Personal Training is a fantastic way to improve your exercise routine, learn proper technique, and get motivated!

Step 1! Decide if you’ll do In Person or Virtual Training Sessions…

Step 2! Fill out a New Client Form & Katie will get back with you asap!

1-on-1 Training Sessions

Each session is 1 hour in length and can be scheduled at whatever frequency you want (recommended 2-3x/week)

Each session is tailored to your specific goals, whatever that may be! Health improvement, weight management, muscle gain, minor rehabilitation, sport specific goals, etc.

Whether you’ve never touched a weight before or you’re a seasoned exerciser, personal training is for you! No matter where you are in your fitness journey, personal training can help you move better, feel stronger, and fuel you to crush your fitness goals!

Step 1: In Person or Virtual?

What type of Training Session will you choose?

In Person Sessions

Katie is exclusively available at the Sweat Shop Gym in Livingston, TX and the first step toward In Person Training is becoming a member!

The Sweat Shop has been voted the best gym in Polk County.

It is a 24 hour access facility that features a large cardio floor, weight room, functional fitness room, and group exercise room equipped with Les Mills+ and MyZone. The Sweat Shop is also a DEKA affiliate gym and regularly hosts DEKA events.

*Clients must be members of Sweat Shop to redeem In Person sessions

141 Pan American Dr. Livingston, TX 77351

Contact the Sweat Shop

To learn more about membership, amenities, & current deals

Email the Sweat Shop at stayfit@vickerygyms.com or

Call at (936) 328-4643

Virtual Sessions

This type of personal training is done over a Google Meet video call in your home gym!

This is perfect for an in-depth technique check or your regular ole’ workouts!

The first step toward 1-on-1 Virtual Training is building a Home Gym. There’s a bunch of different equipment you could get, but how do you know what you need?

  • I have a YouTube series about building my home gym on a budget, watch it here.

  • Here’s a free guide on how to get your Home Gym started and ready for Online Training!

Place & Price

Decide where your home gym will be, how much you can spend on equipment to start out, and how much you can invest as it grows.


Decide what types of equipment you need to start out, here’s a quick list of some starter suggestions…

  • 3 sets of Dumbbells / Light 3-5#, Medium 8-12#, & Heavy 15-20#

  • 1-2 Kettlebells / Light 10-15#, Heavy 20-25#

  • Resistance Tubing with Handles

  • Looped Resistance Bands

  • Exercise mat

  • Stability Ball / 55-65cm

Tech Check

Make sure you have a good computer, webcam, lighting, and a solid internet connection for a great session!

Step 2: Submit a New Client Application!

Let me know a bit about you & we’ll get started!

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