Online Personal Training

Online Training brings the workout to you! Train in your own space at your own pace!  

Getting Started

Online Personal Training is a great way to maximize your time, build confidence and has a variety of options that make exercise so convenient and fun!

The first step toward Online Training is building a Home Gym. Here’s a guide on how to get your Home Gym started and ready for Online Training!

Home Gym Equipment Must-Have’s

Place & Price

Decide where your home gym will be, how much you can spend on equipment to start out, and how much you can invest as it grows


Decide what types of equipment you need to start out, here’s a quick list of some starter suggestions…

  • 3 sets of Dumbbells / Light 3-5#, Medium 8-10#, & Heavy 15-20#

  • 1-2 Kettlebells / Light 10-15#, Heavy 20-25#

  • Resistance Tubing with Handles

  • Looped Resistance Bands

  • Exercise mat

  • Stability Ball / 55-65cm

Tech Check

Make sure you have a good computer, webcam, and a solid internet connection for a great session!

Once you have a Space, Equipment, and the Tech for Online Training, it’s time to

Submit a New Client Application!

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