Nutrition Supplements

Dietary supplements sold on the mass market are confusing and expensive. How do you know if you’re getting all the nutrients you need? Are they safe? What brands are the best? DotFIT takes out the guess work!

The DotFIT Difference

Scientific research shows that supplements can overcome vitamin and mineral insufficiency, improve quality of life, accelerate how quickly and healthfully people achieve their fitness goals, improve performance, and a lot more.

But why do some people obtain results from taking dietary supplements, while others don’t? That’s why dotFIT exists. DotFIT ensures top quality products by

  • Third-party tested

  • NSF Certified for sport

  • Strict quality control

  • Designed by a team of Registered Dietitians

Sign up to take DotFIT’s online quiz and get your personalized supplement recommendation!

Find the Right Bundle for Your Goals!

DotFIT has many different bundles tailored to your specific goals, activity level, life stage, and diet (vegan options)! Sign up and take the online quiz to find your bundle!

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