A 12 week intro to strength training program, Foundations is just like it sounds. It will help you build…

Confidence in Your Movement

A Solid Fitness Knowledge Base

& Strength to Make Your Goals a Reality!

What to Expect…

Semi-Independent - Online Coaching gives you all the tools you need to succeed! Detailed workout plans with sets, reps, technique videos and exercise substitutions if you need them. You decide when you want to work out and log what you did.

Autonomy - You choose what weight you want to use because let’s face it, some days are harder than others & some days you’re gonna totally crush it! You get to decide!

Transparency - I don’t make any crazy promises (most rapid transformation programs aren’t healthy or sustainable in the long run). Show up, put in the work consistently, and over time you’ll see improvement!

Coaching Support - I’m here for you and want to help you succeed! Weekly Check-in’s to keep you on track, answer questions, review technique, or offer program adjustments when needed.

Weekly Learning Modules - Foundations is unique because it’s also an educational course! Want to know the how & why of your workouts? This course is for you!

The Details…

Foundations is tailored to you & your goals, it can be done at the Gym or at Home, and it has 3 weekly workouts. You’ll get access to…

  • 12 weeks of personalized workouts

  • Habit & metric tracking (you choose what to track!)

  • Facebook group access for accountability, community, and Q&A with Katie

  • Learning modules to parallel the course

Equipment needed at the Gym

  • Dumbbells &/or Kettlebells

  • Barbell & Plates

  • Bench & Step/Box

  • Bands, Cable Machine, &/or TRX

  • Med ball or Slam Ball

  • Stability Ball

Equipment needed at Home

  • Dumbbells &/or Kettlebells

  • Resistance Bands (handles/looped & mini bands)

  • Exercise Mat

  • Stability Ball

  • Bench & Step (you can use other items around the house)

3 Month Payment Plan

Need to break it up? Pay monthly instead!

Who is Katie?

Growing up as a figure skating athlete, I never had to work out in the gym. So, after sports I went to college, went to the gym for the first time, tried working out & felt totally lost and insecure.

I had to overcome a huge learning curve and rebuild my identity as an athlete over the years. If you feel like I did, I want to help you go from insecure to confident in the gym, lost to identifying as an athlete again, and equip you to reach your athletic potential!

I’m a DEKA coach and competitor. I’ve been an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer since 2018. I’m a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, certified in various group exercise formats, and before all of that I trained figure skating athletes as a USFSA coach and choreographer.

On the fun side! I’m a dog mom & a lover of all kinds of outdoor activities, board games, and fantasy adventure books!

DIY Foundations

Coming Soon!

Just want a solid, independent program to follow, but don’t need the coaching or community features? DIY Foundations is the program for you!

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