Rediscovering Athleticism After Sports:

14 Day Mindset Shift

What it’s about…

Reset your view of yourself, athleticism, and what being an athlete looks like after graduation, kids and other big life events.

Over 14 days we’ll do journaling tasks, workouts, and brainstorm on how you can set yourself up for success in fitness!

The best part is… the challenge is totally free! I believe in running a “give first” business so I can help you feel more confident and equipped to get in the gym, no strings attached.

If that’s you, then…

Inside the Challenge…

If you’re feeling lost, stuck, and unathletic in your fitness, here’s the kickstart you need! We’ll cover…

Lasting Motivation - We’ll identify what will keep you motivated, so even when life gets busy you can stick with it!

Workout Do’s & Don’ts - We’ll talk about where to start and some common pitfalls to avoid in your workouts.

Mindset for Success - By shifting your mindset about athleticism you can stop working out sporadically & start training with purpose!

A Fresh Start - Stop comparing your past athletics to where you are now & give yourself a new purpose and new focus in your training.

& more! The next Challenge starts October 23, so if you’re ready to kickstart your fitness again…

Who is Katie?

Growing up as a figure skating athlete, I never had to work out in the gym. So, after sports I went to college, went to the gym for the first time, tried working out & felt totally lost and insecure.

Over the years I had to overcome a huge learning curve and gradually rebuild my identity as an athlete. If you feel like I did, I want to help you go from insecure to confident in the gym, lost to identifying as an athlete again, and equip you to reach your athletic potential!


I’m a DEKA coach and athlete. I’ve been an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer since 2018. I’m a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, certified in various group ex formats, and before all of that I trained figure skating athletes as a USFSA coach and choreographer.

On the fun side! I’m a dog mom & a lover of all kinds of outdoor activities, board games, and fantasy adventure books!

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